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In 2016, Tropicana launched the Art of Fruit platform which addressed the lack of modernity and distinction the brand was suffering from. However, Tropicana was still perceived by consumers as quite distant and cold. In 2017, we set out the change that perception through a digital approach with saliency and brand love as our main KPIs. The 360 campaign included a partnership, the conception and creation of 300 bouquets of fruit flowers, PR kits, an influencer strategy, a social media amplification through brand content, a consumer contest and an event at the BHV for a total of 37K€ only.

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For the 1st day of spring, in partnership with Bloom’s, a trendy digital floral expert, we created exclusive fruit flowers blossom bouquets that were graciously offered to influencers while also being the prize of a consumer contest on social media.
The bouquets were available in brick and mortar as well when we opened a cornerstore at the BHV, one of the most famous department store in Paris with over 150 000 visitors per day.

The Art of Fruit’s main consumer promise is to make people experience fruit in new and unexpected ways. To deliver on that promise, we conducted a consumer research with Facebook & Google to dug into our target’s passion points (35 & 45 years old, medium - high incomes). What emerged was a need for simple and daily pleasures as a way to escape a sometimes dreary day-to-day. We knew we needed an idea that was accessible to all and played with the senses. Going back to our main expertise, fruit, and digging into its multiple forms, we came up with the idea of an all new sensorial experience through sight and smell: creating bouquets made with fruit flowers only. The topic of flowers appeared as more relevant than ever in regards to Instagram and Pinterest trends as well as the growing number of start-ups born in this area.

We created surprising and amazing flower compositions. We made a point of using seasonal flowers only. Six spring fruit flowers were selected. Pineapple flowers, almond blossoms, peach blossoms, quince flowers, as well as cherry blossoms and prunus blossoms.
Gilles Pavan, Meilleur Ouvrier de France created especially this composition for Tropicana. This never seen before composition was made possible by special flowers suppliers leveraged by Bloom’s. This partnership gave birth to 300 exclusive bouquets.

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