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Renault ZOE is Europe’s best selling electric vehicle. In September 2016, Renault introduced a new battery for its 100% electric Renault ZOE
providing up to 400 kilometers of driving on a single charge (NEDC).

After launching the new Renault ZOE with the campaign “What’s your 400km?”, Renault and its communications partner Publicis Conseil, 
moved on to the next phase of messaging to reinforce the ‘longest range’ in any electric vehicle.

Réponse créative

The creative idea was to use (almost) endless debates that could last as long as the range of the all-electric ZOE.

The execution relied on the graphic simplicity of two symbols that immediately gave an idea of the infinitely long debate and created intrigue. 
Each symbol was in a speech bubble, and repeated after one another to stress the point of the never-ending argument. 
The subjects of the debates covered various aspects of life. For example, The Chicken or the Egg? Football or Soccer?

The choice of media depended on the topic of discussion. Social networks were engaged in supporting the diversity of the discussions and points of view. Press campaigns and OOH campaigns were released to 
make the long range EV Renault ZOE, top of mind for consumers.

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Olivier Henry Etienne Renaux Frédéric Roy Valérie Simon amelle Nebia
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